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"Everything I look at is a painting.  Each painting is a surprise mirroring my passion for life and art.  When I paint, it's an expression and celebration of my love of nature, of people and Mother Earth herself."
For me it has always been about color.  What color can do we need in our lives.  Most people are not aware how "color starved" they are.  Their world can be very bland.  Color plays a major role, it can be one of our comfort foods..it can be invigorating, calming, joyful, and playful.  It can take us on a journey of discovery about ourselves and the world around us.
My work is versatile; no two pieces are alike, each mirroring my passion for the creative process that I love.  I love to approach a painting and let the spontaneity and intuitiveness flow along with the color, letting the imagery emerge from deep within.
The palette I use changes often yet it stays unique and the combination of colors are distinctive expressing my obvious love and enthusiasm of the painting process.  I paint what I love!
I've been a professional artist for over 35 years during which time the genre to painting has evolved.  My experience with color, free expression and creative intuition has taken me in the direction of Abstract, Contemporary, and Objective Expression.
I invite you to explore the painting surface in hopes of discovering a journey into your own imagination as well as sharing in my artistic expression.



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