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Glenda Larson Musilek creates art from abstracts to representational and is quite comfortable working in a variety of media and subject matter. She finds inspiration in her total environment from nature to the people in her life, family, friends, other artists (both living and dead) and their art.  She is influenced by the way light falls on an object, person or scene, how it affects mood, evokes emotion, alters the values and defines the subject. Light falling on almost anything, trash in a waste basket, chipped and peeling paint on a wood post or old brick or stucco wall, moonlight shining on rippling water or the sun on a child's face can create an irrestible desire for her to paint due to her emotional response to the creative way light affects the subject.  Her abstract paintings are sometimes non-objective, based solely on her emotions while creating with no preconceived idea and then instinctively letting the painting lead the way to completion.  At other times her abstracts start with a conceptual idea of the direction she has in mind, often inspired by nature or the above mentioned effects of light on a subject.
Glenda has actively pursued an interest in art from her earliest years.  She attended  commercial art school and went on to work for a corporation first as an artist and then advanced to a management position.  After leaving the corporation Glenda formed a graphic design firm which she managed until 2004. During those business years she still found time to paint and follow her creative pursuits. She was active in the local art associations and participated in local art shows. Her paintings were represented in a local art gallery.  In addition, she attended workshops and art demos with nationally known artists Daniel Green, Zoltan Szabo, Claude Croney and Barbara Nechis.  She took semi-private painting lessons for over a year [...]

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