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  • Price Range: $89.00 - $2,500.00
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"My work isn't about form. It's about seeing." ROY LICHTENSTEIN

   In 1958 for my birthday, my family gave me a John Nagy Learn to Draw Kit, a Winky Dink and You Magic Drawing Kit(with Official Winky Dink crayons)and a Kodak 120 Brownie camera.Prior to a 4th grade school field trip to Philadelphia, my Dad told me, "don't shoot too many pictures. Film doesn't grow on trees, you know." I shot 5 rolls. Been torturing people with my photos and tormenting them with my artistic renderings privately, off and on, ever since. After a long, tumultuous and varied career, I had my first public art show at the age of 65 Surprisingly successful. Noone more shocked than me, frankly. Grandpa Moses they called me.Corny. Kitsch. But memorable. Hell, why not?as long as a few people took a piece or two home, and their check didn't bounce, goodThe Artist writing 'experts' tell me I should inform you of my inspiration, and my process. I have no earthly idea. I'm inspired when I'm inspired in the moment when something catches my eye, or an idea strikes me. My process is whatever I feel like doing at the time, like a kid with fingerpaints, or an Etch a Sketch, or coloring book. Only coloring outside the lines. To me, a work should be kind of like spaghetti, warm, colorful, a bit spicy, but not too much, and stick to the wall when it's done. Thanks for visiting, please take your time, any questions, contact me. Always love discussing art with interesting people. Cheers.
paraphrasing JACKSON POLLOCK, " ART has a life of its own. I just try to let it come through"......

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