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My Story

I still remember creating my first self-portrait in 2nd grade.  My art teacher was the wonderful Mr. Nelson. He was fantastically tall and wore a long, white "lab coat" with paint splashes all over it....he was like an ART GOD. His art room smelled of wet clay, crayons and old newspapers along with that wonderfully earthy aroma of papier mache paste. I stood at my easel with a huge brush full of thick paint, wearing my dad's old dress shirt that hung down past my knees. I pushed and swirled the paint against the heavy craft paper with endless enthusiasm until sadly the bell rang. I had painted my first recognizable self-portrait! I would have to wait until the next time to glue the red tissue paper bow sitting on the top of my head in the portrait. Each and every time I was in that majestic place I was in heaven and since then have never stopped loving the creative process. 

2nd grade self-portrait, "Giselle" 

About the Artworks

I create original, one of a kind paintings made using only archival grade quality substrates - linen canvas, acid free hardwood panels and fine art papers along with Winsor Newton or Grumbacher paints.  Their title along with my signature, year of creation and medium used will be be found on the back. In addition, all artworks are signed on the front bottom. Each artwork, regardless of size is sealed with a protective coating to insure its original color vibrancy and is delivered ready to hang.  Live Event Painting by Giselle includes a Certificate of Authenticity with every purchase verifying the originality of the work and is signed by me the artist Giselle. 

Important Note About Copyright Law

Under present copyright law a work is automatically protected when it is created. All artwork images, text, logos, descriptions and derivative works [...]

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