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Ginny Takacs is driven by a deep connection with nature and a desire to relay her vision in the most direct manner possible.
Growing up in Chicago, her trips to the rural areas are the most precious memories of her childhood.  Trips to the Indiana Dunes, a friends Grandparent's farm and family trips to National Parks are the landscapes that caught her attention.  As a child she was always drawing and painting so it is natural for her to express her reverence for nature in her art.
Takacs has an affinity for painting "en plein air"  and also enjoys creating studio works using outdoor sketches and photos for inspiration.  Takacs is mostly self taught, her education comes from a strong work ethic and time spent reading and studying other artists works in museums, galleries and on line surfing.  She takes the advice of one of her favorite landscape artists, Clyde Aspevig, who says, "Finding the answers in the struggle to paint well is the best served by your own investigation.  In the process you will reward your imagination and hard work by finding your own language".
Takacs has recently started painting with a knife.  She loves the thickness of the paint application and the textual, quick, loose and gutsy style it conveys.  She may stay with the knife or a combination of brush and knife because painting is a constant evolving process.  Experimentation is one of the most rewarding parts of painting.
"Painting well is very challenging at times but when it is successful it evokes a sense of elation.  Then it is on to the next challenge".  Ginny Takacs

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