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“Finish your work early and you can draw until the dismissal bell rings”.  These were the words given to me by my third grade teacher.  It was a unique incentive to complete in-class assignments early.  I was always doodling so dangling this early escape from math and science in front of me was well received. 
My interest in doodling expanded into drawings of greater substance that eventually led to a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Central Florida with a major in Studio Art and a minor in Art History. The undergraduate degree was followed by a Master of Arts in Liberal Studies; however, those degrees came later in life after a career in Computer Science.  Painting was secondary during my career but I never left it behind and continued to paint and sketch.     
During the pursuit of my education I experimented with a variety of media including oil, watercolor, pastel, prismacolor pencil, and acrylic paint.  Acrylic paint became my preferred medium and today I paint subject matter that fuels my interest.  Sometimes those subjects are wildlife, sometimes they are florals, and sometimes they are strangers.  They all have one thing in common-they all have life.      
We may not always know what awakens something inside of us.  Fortunately with regard to art I do.  I only wish I could remember my third grade teacher’s name.  I owe her a “Thank You” for letting me draw until the dismissal bell rang.

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