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  • FASO Artist Website: http://gingerwhellock.com/

  • Year Born: 1940

  • Colorado based Western landscape oil painter.

  • Has won many awards and invitations to national and international shows.

  • Regularly writes an interesting blog and monthly Email Newsletter.

  • Price Range: $300.00 - $7,000.00

The Artist Says:

I always choose to paint something that is directly understandable – no confusion for the viewer as to what is going on, what something is or where it goes etc. As I contemplate the process of the painting, I think about how I will make it come to life, provide a place for the viewer to rest in the painting thereby allowing you to join me in the journey.  I want you to be able to live with my paintings forever and find them a peaceful place to pause every day.

Collectors Say:

Ginger's paintings are the "gift that keeps on giving".  Each morning over coffee, I enjoy re-visiting one of Ginger's paintings.  This pleasant act prepares me for my day with a positive attitude and a joyful mood.  

Other Artists Say:

Your amazing talent and generousness have inspired so many of us through your workshops.  I think one of your major talents is a very quiet one - you make other artists feel good.  No spa on this earth could possible be as beneficial or just plain make you feel any better than joining one of your workshops.


“It is all about light. I am drawn to how light reveals a subject in three dimensions and blows-your-mind with color shifts in incidence and reflection, distance and perspective.  Painting is my meditation and my release.  I enjoy variety; many subjects arouse my emotions and compel me to paint their story.  I am drawn to places filled with life and memories, places that reveal our shared human condition and purpose and places that bring us pleasure and happiness.”
  More than 45 years ago, Ginger moved from the Chicago suburbs to western Montana where she lived and worked on a remote cattle ranch. She immediately fell in love with the western culture of self-reliance and the expansive beauty of the landscape. Since1981 she has lived in Colorado. 
   Ginger’s art career began when, at 9 years old, she received her first set of oil paints. Later, as a young mother, she taught oil painting on weekends.  She pursued watercolor, pen and ink and graphite while on the ranch and supplied a local gallery with her work.  After moving to Colorado, she worked in pastel briefly and then returned to oil paint as her medium of choice.  She has had representation in many galleries from Santa Fe and Taos to Bozeman and Denver.
  Though Ginger is mostly self-taught in art, she is a natural teacher and pursues this by offering a few classes every year. Ginger presents classical oil painting methods to her students insuring that they are well versed and accomplished in drawing, composition, color theory, values and perspective. She also hosts a group of aspiring artists twice a month as they develop along their individual artistic directions.  Sharing her knowledge, watching others grow into artists and painting for other’s enjoyment give her extreme pleasure.
  In her words, “We see because of light. The light, the dark and [...]

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