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Ginger Oglesby, a native Southerner, began studying art in the 6th grade. Saturday mornings were spent in art class learning the fundamentals of drawing, color, composition and medium.  In the summer, classes were moved outside for landscapes at Nashville’s Belle Meade Mansion.  This continued all through high school under the tutelage of Juanita Green Parks, Director of Art, at Watkins Institute in Nashville, TN.  Ginger’s education continued to be concentrated in creative endeavors.  She received a BFA from the University of Tennessee in Studio Art with a minor in Dance.  After college, Ginger’s first job was with a modern dance company, Sidewalk Dance Theater, where she was a member for ten years.  Retiring from the dance company, Ginger missed the movement of dance so she poured movement into her paintings.  Her work became more loose and free until they became pure abstraction. 
Ginger creates dynamic abstract paintings.  She allows movement of color, line, form, tone and texture as they interact to be the subject of her paintings.  She has the ability to suspend reality and trust her intuition as she creates abstract paintings that result in primitive arrangements of color and shape.  Art critic, Brian Sherwin, commented on Ginger’s paintings. 
     “Ginger’s energetic use of color demands attention.  Ginger meshes fiery colors with colder colors, if you will- works that are complex in their simplicity.  A startling exchange of color is established.  That visual choice reflects Ginger’s connection with order/chaos of nature.”
Ginger prefers not to guide the viewer’s interpretation, rather she captures the viewer’s attention, draws them in, keeps them looking and generates an emotional response. "I use the canvas to tell the bold and sometimes very subtle abstract stories of movement. Beginning with a loose composition and adding layer on layer, my paintings naturally unfold and expose an intuitive dance. These images capture the [...]

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