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Making something out of nothing was a valued skill in my family growing up . We moved a lot and lived overseas several times. Often we had to make our own fun, our own entertainment, even our own necessities.
In my family being creative was prized and encouraged.
You would think with that background that I’ve done art all my life, but the truth is, I started late.
I was in my early ‘30s and happily married with 2.7 children when one of my close friends challenged me to join her in a watercolor workshop.
Two very important things happened at the workshop–Australian artist Bob Wade simplified the watercolor process by having us copy a painting he’d done, and he kept saying, “Are we having fun yet? If we’re not having fun, I’m doing something wrong!” At the end of three days I’d made a beautiful painting, and I’d had fun.
I’m still having fun.
I mostly paint wildlife and pets like dogs, cats and horses, simply because I love them;
it’s most fun to paint things you love.     

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