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Hello and Welcome to My World.
Art and fashion are my greatest passions!  It is not just what I do; it is who I am.
Everyone has to have an alternate day job, at least in the beginning.  My jobs were mostly spent in the fast paced and stressful worlds of law and accounting, until I decided to follow my heart.  Becoming a rat race drop out and choosing instead to express myself and paint my passions was the right thing for me.  
I spent many years painting murals and have done my share of complex faux finishes and have traveled to Italy to study the texture techniques used by Italian artisans.  All of the techniques learned are incorporated into my fine art.  Eco-friendly oil paints are my predominate medium because of the rich quality it brings and watercolor paints. Watercolor has a flow of color, seemingly with a mind of it's own, that fascinates me.  Each medium influences the other.  Formal training for the basics in study of the elements, drawing and mixing paints is a must for any artist, but the rest just wasn't for me.  Self study was and is my preferred choice of schooling.  I am forever studying and learning.  The deep rich colors and styles of the Old Masters and the colors and style of the Impressionists bring a vibrancy of color and sense of joy to their works.  My artistic style is thus influenced by Rembrandt, Renoir, JS Sargent for light and colorful shadows on figures and clothing and by the use of curves and nature by Mucha, as well as my artist mother.   Therefore, my style is Representational-Retro-Impressionist-Nouveau-Figurative.  I am a complex mix.
My philosophy of the purpose of art is to express human emotions and evoke human responses.  For the artist, it is a sacred [...]

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