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As a young  girl in middle school, female friendships were everything! I remember while we were supposed to be reading, a friend quietly showed me how to sketch a female face. I’ve always loved to read, but it felt way more fun to be drawing, like it was our secret. She showed me how to smear the lead so it looked like she was wearing makeup, and it was so beautiful!
As an adult raising my family, I found the same beauty in interior and landscape design. I did these things in my home to fill a creative need, and loved helping other women bring their own beauty to their homes. 
Many times in my life, I had admired the visual of a painter, not so much for what they were creating but for their process of creation.  To take a blank canvas and bring life to it with paint and a brush is so powerful. The connection that is made with others who see that painting is exactly what I had experienced in middle school when I connected with my friend through her drawing. 
I had never considered painting myself, but in 2013, a lot of social painting businesses had popped up, and I made plans to go one night. As I started to paint,  I received a call that someone very close to me who had been struggling with depression, was missing. I was too far away to look for her, and fear started to take over. I decided to keep painting and by the time I was done, I received another call that she had been found and was recovering. Over the next few months I used that same cheap canvas and my craft paints to recreate and recreate and recreate. I ran to her each time as if [...]

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