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I am a retired shop owner, mother and grandmother. In High School I was turned off of painting by a very negative art teacher who told me I had no talent, I believed him.
Luckily, about 10 years ago, I rediscovered my love for painting thanks to a dear friend who encouraged me to try watercolor lessons with a local talented art teacher. With his help and encouragement I have completed over 140 paintings and have sold some original and commissioned works.
My favorite subjects are people and faces, especially those that tell a story. The inspiration for faces came from a charming old couple I chanced to meet sitting on a bench at a spectacular lookout on the Amalfi Coast. Theirs were the first two faces I ever painted.
Through painting I’ve met some very warm and supportive friends.
I am born and raised and still live in Thunder Bay Ontario with my husband Art and spend most of my time in my studio.

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