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Art has always been my escape to a peaceful place in the world. Searching new forms and mediums through the creative process brings peace and purpose, while watching the process of creativity allows it to take on its own life. Working representational from nature increases the difficulty and the joy of being in the moment and expresses my response to the beauty of this world. I am influenced by natures design, color, value, shape and saturation. My heart races as I compose a scene the organic quality of the paint on canvas and working Ala Prima or Plein Air fill my spirit and touch my soul I feel the energy of the paint and brush rush up my arms to my heart and back again. Granted not each piece falls into place but each time I paint there is joy.
After a few hours which sometimes runs into days I feel an urgency to create whether it is with paint and brush, pencil, clay, or even dirt and seed. Seeing this fabulously beautiful world I want to document it any way I can
Now as I find time to express my world to others it is in the hope that the viewer can see the wonders around them as I do.


Artist Statement
Creating is essential to my soul - my heart races at the possibilities of each and every composition before me.  Nature motivates me - process pushes me further.  I relish the challenge of taking the art elements of design, color harmonies and line and applying  these to the evolution of the piece-translating my interpretation to work that communicates with the viewer the wonders I so enjoy.
 Seeing this fabulously beautiful world she wants to document it any way she can. As a child she was always drawing and would watch for opportunities to borrow newly sharpened pencils from my Dad’s shirt pocket. Teachers would give her assignments to produce something for the class room; friends would ask her to draw various pictures for them. In high school she was in the art room all day, every day. She still has nightmares of missing other classes because she was having so much fun in Art.
Her hope is to express the beauty of this world and bring enjoyment to others.
Geri has studied from Carl Purcell, Donna O Kearney, John Poon, Lester Lee, David Koch, George Handrahand, Shanna Kunz, John Hughes, Matt Smith, Julie Rogers, Linda Curley Christensen and Anne Marie Oborn. She is currently working with Linda Curley Christensen on Temple murals.
She has received many awards and commendations, and also done many commissioned pieces of art work.  She received the Mayor choose award from St George City, Merit of Honor Inspiational Artist Association she has taken 1st place at the Utah State Fair and Weber County Fair several times. She received Best of Show & People’s Choice Award at the Utah State Fair in 2005. She had her Christmas cards for preemie neonatal unit at McKay Dee Hospital. She has displayed at Springville Museum of art Zion’s Bank SLC and Provo , Joseph [...]

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