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Gerald was born in 1970 in a small town in Colton, Oregon.  He grew up on a small farm and as a boy spent his days roaming the forest behind his home, running up and down the road and playing with the animals. Typical boy.
When he was 5 years old, Gerald had a near death drowning experience.  Though he recovered, it left a lasting affect on him.  He developed a stutter and a slight learning disability.  He saw things differently, comprehended differently, learned differently and could not retain things as well as the other kids.  Sports helped him be successful, mainly wrestling, track and football.  Art was never one of his fortes, his mind was focused on sports and that is what helped him graduate.
Soon after High School graduation, he joined the military; Army division.  He was part of the joint task force for the LA Riots, Panama (Just  Cause), Desert Shield and Humanitarian Effort in Central America. During his time served; 1989-1993, he sustained injuries during traumatic and intense situations which would affect him mentally in years to come.
After the Military, Gerald joined the field of Law Enforcement. He graduated from the Police Academy in 1997 and went into corrections.  He has spent the last 20 years in this field  working from State Prisons to County Jails.  He has seen and been around the worst of humanity, witnessed the devastating affects of Mental Illness and literally seen the darker side of mankind.  During his time of service in Law Enforcement, he has had other life threatening experiences, developed PTSD, Anxiety and Depression.
For Christmas of 2017, Gerald's wife took him on a "Paint Night" date.  Though he was less than enthused, he decided to make his wife happy and go along with it.  That night was the beginning of a whole [...]

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