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Artist George Turner started life in New Jersey. He grew up in California, and now lives with his wife in Oregon.  
His Formal Art training included various art classes in college, study at the the Academy of Art in San Francisco, and a number of workshops and lots of time in open studios through the years.  Along the way, he made his living as an illustrator, a soldier, a civilian pilot, and a photographer/videographer, but,  painting was always his dream.

Retirement came along.  He put his cameras down, he picked up his pencils, his brushes and paints,  and he painted.
His work is in several private collections, and has been shown in local Art Center "member shows" at  the Maud Kerns Art Center in Eugene, Oregon,  and the Emerald Art Center in Springfield, Oregon.  He is a member of “SCBWI.”  (Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators)

He truly believes we are surrounded by a world begging to be sketched and painted, and that, for those with the desire to do so--however old one may be--it's never too late to start.  He always has pencil and paper to hand, and prefers painting in oils, and sketching with pencil or pen and ink with watercolor washes.  The thrill of placing line, color, shape and value on canvas or paper, in a manner that  conveys  real human experience is the thing that draws him to the studio or out into the field to paint. His favorite quote on painting:  "If I'm not doing it, I'm thinking about it."


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