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  George Kovach began his career in his hometown of Miami, Fla. Where heworked for an advertising agency. Though George enjoyed his work with the adagency, he realized that his true love was fine art. However, it would be almost tenyears before he took the plunge and became a full time artist.George grew up admiring and studying the techniques of the Hudson River Artist.He studied and graduated from the Miami Art Institute. While there George beganto express and develop his own natural talent in painting. Shortly afterward, George made Texas his adopted home, and after painting a thousand miles ofcountry roads, windmills, oil derricks, oak trees, millions of blue bonnets andIndian Paint Brush, Kovach paintings now speak for themselves. George hasalways said that tenacity and determination are best friends to one's talent.Though the well-known Texas Hill Country has long had a claim on George'spallet, he has also devoted time to depicting home, family and community. Hispatriotic paintings easily awaken a sense of pride in our freedom and democracy,whether the scene is of a festive display of fireworks or of a family working orplaying together.Kovach paintings and limited edition prints are collected worldwide. Numerousfoundations and vendors have licensed his work for collector plates, calendars,note cards, Christmas cards, puzzles and steins.George has enjoyed many awards and honors. From top selling prints andrecognition as one of America's artist to "watch" in U.S. Art Magazine, to the mostrecent "National Guest Artist" for Milwaukee public television.

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