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Art, in one form or many, has always been in the back of my mind, often finding its way forward to be examined and practiced. It can be music, writing, or any form of the visual fine arts. I would like to have studied art in college, but being a creature of comfort, I studied something "respectable" my parents would pay for  - architecture. That was okay; it is a basic form of problem solving as artistically as possible with the too many constraints placed on the creation of a secure structure that doesn't leak! Now the personalized artistic investment of the architect has gone to the computer, and the profession has become a very legalistic video game. I still practice with my head and hands, which is hard to overcome when trying to paint freely, because for over 50 years, I have been drawing intolerably straight lines and perfect angles, circles, and other constructed forms with the help of hand managed drafting tools.
Now I practice art in the true comprehensive complex sense of the simple three letter word. Through various mediums, I investigate and learn about my being at a particular point in time, but always learning and constantly evolving forward, though often through what seems to be a reverse gear! In the visual arts, you must back away from your efforts to see if the details effectively support your overall design and composition. The same is true in my life. I am always backing up and evaluating the recently applied strokes, making adjustments, and remembering to understand that the most successful product is actually the continually evolving process.
George Jennings - Artist, Architect/Planner, Teacher, and Commercial Waterman

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