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I am a native of Illinois and became interested in drawing and painting when I was in the 8th grade.  I moved to Sacramento, California where I attended Jr. High and High School and upon graduation, I moved to Los Angeles, attending the University of California.  After several years in Southern California, I moved to the Bay Area where I resided for a number of years.  I eventually moved back to Sacramento, where I worked as a Police Officer for the City of Folsom, and also attended Law School.  While attending Law School I worked for the Sacramento County District Attorney’s Office, and was a Reserve Deputy for Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department.  Upon graduation, I took a position with the Yolo County District Attorney’s office as a Deputy District Attorney – a position I ultimately retired from.  During my time at Yolo, my interests in creative arts and painting were renewed and I began taking art classes at Sacramento City College, under the tutelage of Professor Frank Zamora.  ARTIST STATEMENTI’m both traditional and inventive in my art. I'm conservative with my brushstrokes, liberal with my paint, and constantly exploring new ways to achieve my objectives. In that way I'm constantly changing, but with solid roots and ideals. I've often thought about what I would do if for some reason I couldn't be an artist, but I'm constantly aware that for me art is a mainstay in my ever evolving lifestyle.I'm influenced by artists such as John Singer Sargent, Claude Monet, and the “new” breed of modern realists such as Chuck Black, Andrew Tischler, and Michael James Smith.  My goal with my art is to be as authentic as possible to the subject, and to make artwork that will be thought-provoking to the viewer.

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