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George Morton (b.1983) is from Kansas City and lives in Atlanta. Portrait by Travis Schlaht ca. 2016.
George Anthony Morton was born Sept. 1983, in Kansas City, Missouri. He was the first of 11 children born to a 15-year-old mother. His mother was incarcerated many times during his childhood, so George and his siblings often endured chaos as they were left to struggle on their own through the grinding reality of systemic poverty, incarceration and drug addiction in their family and community. Despite it all, George had a gift that was recognized by many along the way: he could draw. Making images was his escape. He especially recalls the security guard in the juvenile facility where he did a short stint handing him a bag of paints and suggesting he do his time painting a mural. But the social machinery kept grinding, and eventually George got caught in the flow and by his teenage years, he had become a low-level drug dealer. His life changed at age 19 when he was caught and sentenced to 11 years as a non-violent offender in a federal penitentiary. He often describes his time in prison as his monastery - he dedicated his time to studying and making art. Even with no formal training, George Anthony Morton was recognized as a promising painter with exacting artistic standards. His art helped him survive living his entire 20’s behind bars. 
George chose Atlanta upon his release, and at the urging of prominent Atlanta artists and supportive friends, George applied and was offered a coveted place in the first class of seven students by the New York Metro branch of the prestigious Florence Academy of Art. Untutored but thirsting for knowledge, George immediately embraced the school's philosophy of rigorous training in the Classical-Realist tradition that emanated from immortal Renaissance painters [...]

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