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Geoff was born in Channel-Port-aux- Basques , Newfoundland. For Geoff a self taught artist -  mastery over Acrylic paint was acquired through long hours of dedicated labour, a fearless drive to create, and an unwavering commitment to growth and the achievement of excellence. Geoff's paintings stand in a class of their own in terms  of their astonishing attention to detail. His compositions are also instantly recognizable by their Rich and Bold colour palette and their striking - almost sparkling clarity and precision. These elements combine to produce a level of Realism that resonates strongly in all who view them, evoking dreams, memories and emotions. Living on the southwest coast of Newfoundland - a region that abounds with rural beauty - Geoff is never at loss for natural inspriation . the area's shoreline, woodlands, farmer's fields and meadows fuel his imagination and provide Geoff with an Artistic vision that reveals Newfoundland as it has never been captured on canvas before. 

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