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I pursued a professional career in fashion design while living in New York and continued my involvement after moving to Italy.
I have more than 20 years experience in fashion design and project management. As Design Director, I created contemporary clothing collections for top US labels, including Gemma, my own label, in New York, USA. 
I became increasingly more interested in art while studying painting and sculpture at the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome. The jewelry design is a natural continuation of this creativity, as I became increasingly more involved in my husband's retail jewelry business.
I feel that jewelry design is an art, and I approach each piece as if it were a painting using color as my primary inspiration. Color also reflects emotions, and I believe that it can actually effect our well-being.
I have created a unique collection of jewelry in semi-precious stones and silver utilizing gems and crystals. The colors and beauty that the stones themselves possess reflect specific energy and healing properties. My creations are sold in Italy, Sweden and the USA. The latest collection, along with other fine Italian jewelry, is currently sold in my store here in Italy, near Rome.
Current Commission Work:
I do portraits on commission basis, of both people and animals, in oils, pastels and watercolor.
I create special occasion jewelry pieces with specific gemstones, energy properties, and color requests, keeping in mind the healing aspects of the gemstones and crystals.
Both my parents were accomplished professional artists, you can see their works here: Michael and Cappi Insinna 
Here are some photos of our new shop, opened in May 2013 , with areas for both jewelry and a gallery for me! 

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