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I  sprang up in Western Colorado hiking, fishing and camping with my Family.   The remote, wide open spaces and the bright, kaleidoscope colors of the Southwestern U.S. are an intimate part of that family.  Time spent outdoors is as essential as eating.  As a single child, I started drawing and painting at a very early age.  Along with my pets, drawing and painting became another sibling.   After college I began a long and rewarding career in the travel industry.  I am blessed/cursed with an insatiable wanderlust.   I am grateful to be able to draw upon the polishing experiences of travel to places like Africa, Asia, Europe, South America.  The world is full of authentic artistic expression, past and present.  In all corners of the globe, you will find inspiring artists using rustic tools and ancient concepts, to an opposite extreme of intense, formally trained artists with modern technology, assistants and fine studios at their fingertips.  Creative people applying their artistic expression to food, music, writing, and visual arts.  Upon retiring from my travel career, I continued to pursue painting through the Art Student's League of Denver, Anderson Ranch in Snowmass and workshops with various artists.  Light combined with color are hypnotic.  I love the way light changes and teases color by reflecting it, bouncing it, passing through it and stirring up the way shapes appear with each passing minute.   

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