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My family & I moved into the Richardson area in 1994.  Although I have painted in some fashion most of my life, I didn’t really pick it up again until about 4 years ago.  I guess the easiest way to describe me & my art is that I am a Gemini.  Right now, you are probably thinking I have dual personalities and if you asked my husband, he would probably agree, but the discrepancy in personality is between how the Gemini would like to be seen, and how she really is!
I think my art gives an inside look to who I really am.  When I paint, I am almost always listening to music.  I start with colors that reflect how I am feeling and/or my music inspires my art.  Probably the Gemini personality comes into play sometimes in the midst of a painting because my mood has changed or I find that presenting a new color into my picture gives it a completely different vibe.  I mainly paint abstract art as it is something that I don’t have to justify, it just happens in my mind.  Crazy huh?  In abstract everyone sees something different in the picture which gives me great satisfaction, as that not only makes it my vision, it makes it yours! I sincerely hope my art communicates with you.

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