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My journey as a painter reflects my journey as a citizen of the planet.  It is one of awe, bewilderment, learning, successes, failures and of being ever a student.  My subject matter is most often  around the effects of light.  It is always a fascinating process to see light appear in a painting.  I find it challenging and stimulating to paint in this way....I don't think I will every grow tired of it.

In my painting I strive convey what inspires me and what makes my pulse quicken.  I paint representationally , but I am very engaged in letting the paint speak, and I am happy for those moments when the paint itself takes on a voice and a life of its own, when the unexpected and unplanned emerges.
At that point the energy and magic of the artistic process is at it's best.  I am humbled and elated when it occurs.  It's what keeps me painting.


I have been drawing and painting for as long as I can remember.  And it has always brought me a sense of satisfaction and joy.
My paintings are not difficult to understand; they are merely an exploration of that which brings me joy, and makes my heart skip a beat.  That is the experience I wish to share with those that view my paintings - to stir the imagination and quicken the spirit and transport to a wild and interesting place.
The single most compelling aspect of art making for me is creating the illusion of light with mere paint.  It is always a challenge, and is always engaging.  That alchemy for me is pretty heady stuff.
In addition to painting I enjoy a lovely connection with those looking to shorten their learning curve by studying with me.  Turns out I really enjoy sharing my passion, and love to take students on my plein air adventures in particular.  Check out my workshops page if that is something that sounds appealing to you.
Whether you are here to look at paintings or to find out some more about workshops, welcome.  Thank you so much for your interest!

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