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Gary is constantly striving to improve and become a more accomplished painter. “Participating in workshops with artists I admire has been essential in my development as a painter. I spent many years as a commercial artist and illustrator. Although the things I learned while doing commercial art will always be beneficial, creating a fine painting presents a very different set of challenges”.  Gary has participated in art exhibitions workshops over the years mainly to benefit from fellow painters, learning and listening to their advice. “Artists learn so much from each other and I have never met a painter that wasn’t willing to offer their advice in a constructive way. Having my work viewed alongside some very fine paintings is so very important and is a wonderful experience! I also believe that positive criticism is necessary, no matter where an artist is in her or his career.” Gary grew up admiring and studying painters who presented paintings in very different styles and disciplines. “Although I am a representational painter, I have learned so much by studying many diverse presentations of art.” Early painters of the 20th century inspired him the most. “I would find any article I could and spend hours studying those painters and their work. From western painter Charlie Russell, N.C. Wyeth, and so many more. They still are so important to this day! I am a member of the Booth Western Art Museum here in my hometown of Cartersville, Georgia. What a gift to this community and region! The museum contains thousands of square feet of the finest paintings in America. Artists that have shaped American art for centuries. No matter how many times I walk through those rooms of art, I always learn something new!” Animal subjects have always been a special part of Gary’s life and subjects. [...]

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