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I'm inspired by all things beautiful;  Morning light on the mountains, water anywhere, and I love to draw the human figure.

My favorite artists are Leonardo for his life and journals, Michealangelo for his beautiful figures, Rembrandt for his luscious use of paint, and Picasso for being Picasso.

Favorite Quote:  'I don't search, I find".  Picasso

I was born in Morenci, Arizona on September 7th, 1946.

I enjoyed my early childhood living in a small town on the Gila river in eastern Arizona.  I spent most of my time out in the desert chasing lizards & rabbits.  We had no TV reception in Duncan, so in the evenings I would listen to the Lone Ranger on the radio while I made drawings of cowboys & indians.
Occasionally we would drive to my grandparents ranch in New Mexico.  I loved to go there, because the old stone ranch house was full of paintings.  My grandmother was a classically trained artist.  It was amazing now that I think of it.  You drive for hours out to the middle of nowhere, and here's this incredible woman raising a family, home schooling, and making art.  I was inspired by my grandmother to be an artist.

We moved to Tucson in 1958.  I graduated high school in 1964, and graduated from The University of Arizona with a BFA in studio painting in 1968.

Life goes on:  Now I am married to a beautiful woman with 6 children (two of whom are a blessing from Russia), and we live in our dream home in Tucson, Arizona.

Currently: I've been working on some book illustrations for an author in California in my spare time, a new sculpture for the FDL's (Fish Defense League) upcoming fund raiser, and a large painting of the Catalina foothills in winter. 

What's Next:  I am currently working on a series of paintings of the [...]

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