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  • Price Range: $650.00 - $2,550.00
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Gary is a life long Christian artist and a native of Jackson, Ms. and has been an artist most all of his life.  He and his wife, Joan, have four grown children, Doug, Daniel, Jill, and Jacob, who also is an artist, and seven grandchildren.  Gary has won many awards for his art and has paintings in many private and public collections.
Walters makes this statement about his work, "I consider each work of art as an adventure or trip you have never been on before.  I believe the subject to be mainly an inspiration point.  I feel no matter what the outside subject happens to be the real subject should be the painting itself.  If the artist makes a valid statement it comes not from the subject, but from the artist's knowledge, skill, and above all HIS HEART."
Contact Information:  Email address:  [email protected]
                                      Facebook:  Gary Walters - American Artist
                                      Phone Number:  601-373-1507

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