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My Story...
My professional painting career started early in 2018.
After undertaking a brief stint as a graphic designer/ illustrator in 1976, I maintained my drawing skills for the next forty years before taking up the brush. Retired in 2017 from managing public museums and art galleries in Nova Scotia followed by a decade plus as a general contractor, I began an exploration painting with watercolours. This was probably a latent event as when I was twelve years of age, I dreamed of painting birds like Canadian artist J.F. Lansdowne. 
My works interpret land and waterscapes from personal experiences with nature, most often featuring birds or animals. After an introduction to acrylics on canvas, I took up portraiture. In 2019 I teamed up with Oliver Hatton occasionally painting Nova Scotia "en plein-air".
Currently showing locally though member-galleries, I enjoy taking part in plein-air events as well as fund-raising paint-offs. 
My home is in Bridgewater, on the South Shore of Nova Scotia, where I live with my wife Sherri and paint in a home studio.
Why I Paint...
Through my art I work to capture and release for the viewer the light which gives life to my subjects.
Discovering the in-between planes and shapes as light meanders through the subjects before me invokes a consciousness which makes me feel alive!
Nature has and can always be counted upon to bring me back to a reality which motivates me like nothing else. Mindful of the thousands of shades of "grey” displayed in the landscapes in which I find myself, I anticipate the next new encounter. As the paint moves from my palette to paper or canvas, the nexus of eyes and mind seems to void of any ambiguities and I am invited into yet another new reality, even if only for a brief moment, observing the textures and crevasses in the bark of [...]

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