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Gary began college in California as an Architectural Engineer upon graduation from  high school. He changed his major to Commercial Art before being drafted into the service during the Vietnam War era. Returning home Gary yielded to the natural talents he cultivated in his youth and education. Commercial art was the starting point and served him well for over forty years.
To build confidence early in his career, Gary enrolled in the Famous Artist School of Westport, Connecticut and completed their course in Design, Illustration and Art Direction. Eventually the Art Center College of Design in Los Angeles provided an ideal setting, studying with the top talent of the world. During the years that followed he worked in the marketing department of a large corporation and began free-lance work with advertising agencies and directly with other major corporations in southern California.
In 1976 Gary started an advertising agency in Eugene, Oregon specializing in print media for corporate and Business-to-Business clients. The agency won several local and regional competitions for their creativity. Once the business matured he began private oil painting instruction and attended several University of Oregon workshops with professional artists, discovering the challenges of painting en plein air. Alla Prima painting was a major departure from the tight realism that he admired from famous illustrators familiar to him back in college.
In the mid 1980s Gary began Northwest Passage Gallery. This was his first experience representing artists. Among a dozen or more artists represented, were well known bronze artist Dennis Jones, wildlife artists James Meager, Darrel Davis and Robert MacGinnis.
By the early 1990s Gary realized the future creative possibilities by integrating computers into his agency, opening a new division, Colorplay Studio. Soon he gained valuable experience with electronic tools, utilizing them frequently after retiring from his agency in 2004.
Gary feels fortunate to be [...]

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