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Gary Koeppel is a landscape painter living and working in Boston, Massachusetts.  Having inhabited a variety of studios through the course of his career, his current location is in his home boasting an expansive view of the Boston skyline.
Koeppel grew up in North Bergen, New Jersey across the river from Manhattan. “The City” cast its shadow on his awareness as a child and adolescent. “While standing in my back yard, I could read the messages that sky writing planes left in wisps in the sky over Manhattan – exemplifying for me the culture and energy that flowed from just across the Hudson River.”
To the East were the Palisades and Manhattan, to the West the great Meadowlands of New Jersey. Being on that crowded metropolitan spine, Koeppel could look West out his window and watch the sun set on the Meadowlands. The experience of living on that edge of humanity and nature is what informs his work to this day. 
His earliest artistic memory occurred at the age of eight. While visiting a friend, Koeppel looked down a  hallway to a distant room. A group of men gathered at a table playing cards. Against a dim back-lighting, the composition of those silhouettes imprinted itself on his memory, like a personal “aha moment”. Years later, viewing Cezanne’s series of the card players would reinforce that image and memory.
Koeppel’s early role models and encouragement came from within his family. An uncle who was an amateur painter encouraged Koeppel to pursue his talent. In addition, the sign painters who worked in his father’s body shop gave a lasting impression of artists using their skills to make a living.
After leaving the comfort of Maryland Institute College of Art, his BFA firmly in hand, Koeppel exploited his graphic design major. He found work as a medical and product [...]

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