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    I was born in 1971 and have lived in New Jersey, California, and Texas before settling in Laguna Beach (for now) in 1996 and have exhibited at the Laguna Beach Festival of Arts since 1997.  Recently I have become an artist member of the California Art Club and have been in several of their Gold Medal shows. As a mostly self-taught artist, I have eschewed the rigors of academia and took a convoluted journey through the exploration of art. I have worked in many media but now mostly work in oils and acrylics. I have also been a musician and enjoy learning about mathematics, physics, and ecology. I am an outdoorsman and environmentalist, enjoy hiking and spending time in the outdoors; even though I live at the coast my heart lies in the mountains, forests, and deserts. My love of wild places, solitude, and my travels around the spectacular American West is reflected in my main subject matter: landscape paintings. In my work I focus on capturing the natural world, with an emphasis on color and recreating the effects of light as the eye sees them. It is mostly representational, but not photorealism; I create more of an illusion of detail, painting the subject not as the camera perceives it but how the mind does. There are stron elements of abstraction in my art, representing the chaos inherent in nature that overlies a hidden order.

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