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  Booker Taliaferro has held a lifelong interest in fine art; both in appreciation and creation.  Essentially self-taught, this artist began sketching and drawing in elementary school.  Although encouraged as a youth in artistic pursuits, an equally developed aptitude for the sciences and a pragmatism in keeping with the social realities of the 50s and 60s led me to follow a career path leading to a doctor of medicine degree. I practiced medicine for 33 years with 27 of those years spent in a successful orthopedic surgery practice in Houston, Texas; all the while maintaining his interest in drawing and painting,  gradually developing my skills and techniques using a process of study, observation, emulation, trial and error. Born in 1947, I was raised in Owing to my years of medical study, I have a fascination for human anatomy, the human form and the face.  These interests are reflected in the subject matter most prevalent in my works. 
As a result of my recent career change, and retirement from the medical field, Dr. Wright prefers to be referred to as B. Taliaferro in which manner all of my artistic creations are signed.

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