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Time and Space, the Cyclicality of time and Human as the unit of universe and the engine of development are the key themes reflected in my paintings and graphic compositions. I see Time as an abstract-geometric space in a continuous movement. That's why I use geometrical method of creating space that I fill with the rhythms of forms, colours or tonal spots and lines of different textures. I also employ a layered effect, which gives the illusion of looking backwards into the past or forwards into the future. The role of the people depicted in my works is that they strive to achieve absolute harmony, purity, beauty. At first I improvise to playfully express my emotional state on the sheet, creating thus a kind of abstract space. My extensive experience of wet-in-wet watercolour techniques helps me at this stage. Then, starting from some idea, I supplement this space with subject images, while maintaining the initial spontaneity. 

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