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Artists’ Statement
"Whether I’m painting en plein aire or in my studio, I find endless inspiration from the landscape of Wilmington, North Carolina and its’ surrounding coastal areas. I am drawn to scenes that have strong light and shadows and that convey feelings of warmth and comfort."
Painting Experience
Having studied at UNC Chapel Hill, Gale considers painting as an ongoing study. Recently, she studied with Robert Longley at the Cape Cod School of Art in Provincetown, MA and also with Lois Griffel, the former director of the Cape Cod School of Art. The school is based upon the impressionistic teachings of Charles Hawthorne and Henry Hensche who were influenced by Monet and his observation of the ever changing effects of light on nature. She has also attended workshops with nationally acclaimed artists such as John Poon, Charles Reid, Morgan Samuel Price, Rick McClure and other fine instructors. 
Gale has found a new interest in working with copper.  As a plein aire painter, she began using copper panels as her canvas and loved how the copper made her colors warm and vibrant.  She experimented with different gauges of copper and mediums and discovered that inks and oils on copper made colors radiate vibrantly. Never quite sure where the colors and copper will take her; she paints, cuts and weaves two abstract paintings together to create a dimensional piece or art.  The soft gentle curves that she cuts into the copper, allows her to form the piece into soothing and thought provoking structural designs.  It is her desire that the viewer will experience a personal interaction with her art. Often, she writes small quotes, prayers or poems that relate to the piece of work on the back of the copper strips and weaves them into the [...]

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