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Laura's passion has always been representational art.  Her earliest and fondest memories were water color painting alongside her father on Sunday afternoons.  Her parents were both involved in the arts, mother a musician and father a designer by trade, artist by love, so art was always encouraged and a very normal part of her family life.  Her family moved to Europe, and she was very fortunate to be at a school with an art studio and was introduced to oil painting at age 12.  
Laura Lindem attended Goldsmith School of Art in London for her foundation year and was subsequently accepted into the Fine Art Painting Dept at Maidstone College of Art in Kent where she was very fortunate to study under several outstanding artists including Fred Cuming, Bill Bowyer, and Peter Morell.   All three of these artists were very important and instrumental in her development as an artist and she is thankful for both their guidance and criticism. 
Laura has also taken workshops with many renowned American artists:  Matt Smith, Ned Jacob, Skip Whitcomb, Dan Young, Randy Sexton, Thomas Kitts, Ray Roberts, and Robert Lemler amongst others.  
She now lives in Carmel, California and is most days found at Pt. Lobos, Carmel Beach or Asilomar.  There are so many beautiful places to paint in this area that she doesn't have to go far to stop the car and paint.  A backpack and a full supply of all her plein air essentials are always in her car and always ready.



Jeff Daniel Smith
A native Californian, Jeff was born with a passion for art. Constantly drawing as a child, later won awards in high school art shows. He attended El Camino College, studied art history and drawing and painting from live models. While still in his mid twenties, Jeff began working for commercial studios that specialized in the creation of paintings and murals for commercial spaces and later, backdrops for photography and film. It wa...s a worthwhile experience that allowed him to paint on a large scale, in a wide variety of subjects and styles. Upon moving to the Monterey Peninsula in 1994, Jeff began painting "en plein air", and with six other Peninsula artists and formed a group called the Informalists. In 1998 he became a member of the Carmel Art Association, where he has served as a board member and President. He was the 2007 President of MBPAPA. Jeff has been an award recipient of many competitions including the Carmel Art Festival. Be it the rolling hills, dotted with oaks, the glistening bay or a group of young pines reaching for the sky, Jeff finds his inspiration in the beauty that is California. Whether in a plein air study or a large studio piece, he uses brilliant color and bold brushstrokes or exact palette knife work to capture the fleeting light of the moment.  

Cyndra Bradford
Growing up in Big Sur inspired me to paint what I love the wildness of the Big Sur Coast. With both Parents as Artists and my five Siblings, we were free to explore our incredible surroundings. It was only natural I would become an Artist.
I paint with oils and palette knife. Painting Alla prima "painting without fear" I like to capture the immediacy of the moment. In my experience most truth and artistry in painting lies in [...]

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