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    Gail Zealley-Brennan was born in Toronto, Ontario, Canada in the year of 1952.  She came from a long line of professional artists including her grandfather, father and many uncles, some being visual artists, while others were actors, writers and musicians.  This unique and creative atmosphere greatly influenced the artist’s creativity and artistic future.
    In 1986, the artist moved with her husband and two young daughters to a charming small town outside of Toronto.  This was a turning point in her artistic career as the new surroundings gave her the inspiration to begin working in a whimsical and naive style.  Love of the Victorian and Edwardian eras is evident as recurring themes in her artwork.
    Throughout the past three decades the artist has taken part in numerous art exhibitions, juried and solo shows and has shown in many prominent galleries across Ontario.  Memorable highlights from the artist’s  career include, displaying her work in the prestigious Arts and Letters Club and the renowned Art Gallery of Ontario in downtown Toronto.
    The work of G. Zealley-Brennan can be found in private collections across Canada, United States, England and Vienna, Austria.  Gail and her husband and their two dogs are still enjoying small town living.  In their spare time they work on the restoration of their century home.  This picturesque atmosphere lends itself as a muse to her artwork.
     Owning one of G. Zealley-Brennan’s paintings guarantees a unique and one of a kind piece to be enjoyed for many years.  Each and every painting has been created from the artist’s own imagination thereby evolving into a distinctive piece of work.  Colour and instilling emotion are both of prime interest in her work, conveying mood and a sense of vitality and drama.
     ‘’I paint to fulfill a creative need which [...]

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