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As a child growing up in a lakefront english style cottage in western michigan, she received her inspiration to paint from her fascination of the way sunlight filtered through the forest leaves, giving them a soft translucent  quality. Gail's work is distinguished  by her ability to portray the subtle nuances of colors created by nature's palate. Her artwork expresses the soft transluscent qualities of light and reflects her spiritual faith, her sensitivity as a nurse and her dedication to a service-oriented approach to business. Her portrait work does more than re-create an image or a moment - it illuminates the spiritual essence of the subject. Before starting a painting, Gail meets her subjects, either in person or by phone and works to create the painting that reflects the inner feelings and the inner and outer dementions of the subject.
Gail Wurtz, previously, Gail Harrison, was married to her childhood sweetheart. They reside in a lake home on the western shores of Michigan.


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