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 My love of nature and wild life has led me to focus my painting mainly on Landscape and Wildlife.  My painting style if between impressionism and realism.
As a child I was influenced by my grandmother, an artist, and my father, a great outdoorsman.  Their early influence led me to many of my later decisions.  Although I have always loved art, it wasn't until I visited the New York Metropolitan museum and examined the actual works of the Masters that I knew I wanted to learn how to really paint.  I studied fine Arts at university and for the next 30 years I taught art to students.  It wasn't till I left teaching that I began in earnest to study under professional artists.  I studied under T. Isaac and J. Yarnell for several years. I have completed the Yarnell School of Fine Arts Landscape I course and have sold several of my paint both locally and internationally.

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