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  • Price Range: $55.00 - $2,500.00
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The Artist Says:

PROCESS:  No matter what the medium is, the process involved is what drives me.  I love the feel of applying acrylics to canvas, whether it's by hand, brush or whatever type of instrument I can find for application.  Color, texture, and design are secondary in my mind compared to expressing current emotion.  I am self-taught but for a few local classes and assistance from a respected mentor.  My goal is to express an emotion in an abstract fashion and to provoke thought in the viewer.  Not complicated.  Very simple.  My wood sculptures are based on the same motivations and goals and I feel that the art of nature requires very little from the artist, except for interpretation and emotion.  I use all of what nature has created in the tree, take away all the years of rot and decay, and hopefully restore it for others to enjoy once again.


Fred Warren was born and raised in Southern California.  Although his career path took him away from art, his creative passions always found a way to be expressed.  From doodling on napkins and scraps of paper to actually sitting down to intentionally create something, art has always been a driving force for him.  Fred moved his family to North Idaho in the early 1980's and built a house in the woods.  In 1991, not long after the death of his father, he wrote a book, The Watchmaker's Mouse, that remained unpublished until 2015.  He continued to create pen & ink and graphite drawings for several years and then, when challenged by a friend to "go big and bold", he transitioned to creating abstract paintings with acrylic paint on large canvases.  About 3 years ago, on a whim he picked up a chunk of wood that looked interesting and started cleaning and sculpting, revealing the beauty within.  The results were a revelation that motivated him to continue working in this new medium.  Fred has lived in Spokane, WA since 1998

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