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  • Year Born: N/A

  • Price Range: $95.00 - $6,000.00
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Being a native of Northern California, Frank has always been interested in art.  From his childhood pencil sketches and drawings, to his current multi-media creations, he has always tried to express himself through his artwork.  A devoted family man, grandfather and retired career firefighter, Frank is a self-taught artist whose hobbies and interests are far too many to list.
Throughout his art career, he has worked in many different mediums such as pastels, water color, pen & ink and oils…Today, he primarily enjoys working with acrylics. Frank has always been intrigued with sculpting and is currently venturing out into this additional medium as a means of artistic expression.
Frank has always had an intense fascination and sensitivity for the sea with its underwater world and mysteries.  Much of his work since the 1980’s captured his love of marine life.  As a result of his many years of scuba and free diving, Frank has been able to study a variety of sea life in their natural environment including Humpback Whales, while working as a research assistant with the “Center for Whale Studies”, Maui, Hawaii.  Being an underwater videographer, Frank has accumulated many hours of reference material for his ‘true-life’ paintings. Through his brush, he is able to create a window into the beauty and secrets of that mysterious world that exists just below the surface of the sea.  His talent and natural ability to accurately blend color, sunlight and sea life, allows the viewer to share a realistic moment of awe with those gentle giants of another world. Frank’s varied interests in artistic themes and subject matter have drawn him into recreating memorable maritime events of the past.  The artist says of his work, “I always like to give the impression that I’ve been there and done that…I paint what I like and what [...]

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