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Artist Spotlight - Frank Ordaz
Date: 1/11/2017
When did you first realize that you wanted to become an artist?
Norman Rockwell famously said don’t be so enamored with the truth that the story is boring. So in that spirit, here goes. 
I grew up in East LA and it’s a pretty poor section of that metropolis. I lived in an environment that was the polar opposite of a Thomas Kincaid painting. I remember looking out my window late one evening to see two men fighting with each other in the middle of the street with chains as weapons.I’ve told this story before and it sounds like it’s not true, but it is. But a burst of Light occurred with a bougainvillea bush in our property. It’s a plant with colorful leaf-like petals and they thrive is southern California. We had one in our side yard and I remember looking at that, it’s a very vivid memory, and all these bees were buzzing around this bush. It was a picture of Life in a sea of concrete , dirt and violence. Our backyard was essentially brown dirt and a dead fruit tree. My idea of being rich, we’re talking the mind of a seven year old, was having green grass in your yard. We moved to another part of LA County that was a wee bit nicer, but we still didn’t have a green lawn. My idea of rich was someone that had green grass in their front and back yard. So, I was really taken with the beauty of this bougainvillea in the midst of all the ugliness. I wanted to pursue a life that highlighted that swirling energy of Life. 
When you’re a poor kid your ticket out of poverty is usually Sports, Education or the Arts.. My dad was a semi pro boxer, but [...]

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