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Frank is a native Tennessean with the passion to capture many of Tennessee's typical scenes of beauty on canvas. Working mainly in oils, the artist renders paintings that are reminders of childhood memories, actual images of old buildings, or perhaps the romance of a large city ...his subject changes daily. He uses unusual techniques which include painting with a palette knife, painting with a small brush...or even a nail! His impasto style is a combination of Impressionism as well as Realism and can be seen done in demonstrations at both his studio which he teaches monthly classes, or when doing demos at a gallery or other venues. "Oftentimes I will walk past a place that I have crossed many times in the past, but this time the sunlight strikes it, and it suddenly becomes an inspiration," Baggett says. He enjoys using light in his cityscapes which can depict the noisy, chaotic lifestyle of urban life which often folks can identify with.
Frank is represented in several galleries:

Reinert Fine Art Gallery located in Charleston, S.C. 
Crown Fine Art Gallery located in Blowing Rock, N.C.
Beverly McNeil Gallery of Fine Art located in Birmingham, Alabama
Weiler House of Fine Art located in Ft. Worth, TX.
Featured artist in the August 2015 issue of Southwest Art Magazine 

Frank is a member of:
Oil Painters of America
Signature Member of  The American Impressionist Socie
A few of Frank's quotes:

"It is not the quality of the brush that determines the outcome of the painting...it is the hand holding the brush".
"To capture the light of nature is great, but to hold it on the canvas is quite unique".

Shown is Frank doing a 1 hour demo at the Monthaven Society located in Hendersonville, Tennessee.

Artist's Statement:
    All my life I have been blessed with being in the outdoors and seeing nature's beauty firsthand. As a boy, I [...]

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