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My path has taken me from my hometown of Caracas, Venezuela to Fort Lauderdale, Florida, where I opened Art Expressions Gallery in 2002.

Attempting to share my commitment to a greener planet, recycling and reuse are an ongoing theme in my works.
In the process of growing and evolving, I found myself to exploring the parameters of pop art and making aluminum cans my main medium.  
My art reflects an expressive emotional response to my present being and a projection of the future. As a creator of art, I manipulate and incorporate aluminum soda cans and apply texture onto the surface out of a necessity to transfer an internal emotion into an external form. The pieces project a holographic-like feel because the embossing and distressing techniques applied to the metal. Color, shapes, patterns and textures are my language. They speak to me as I lay pieces of cans down in a dance with the surface and watch it take shape and form in its own time.

I want to assemble a collection of bright, exciting, well thought out pieces that bring the viewer joy, happiness, and are fun to live with. I hope that you love the work that I bring to you.
Francisco Sheuat


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