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Mexico artist, Frances Gomez studied Art at NMSU in Las Cruces, New Mexico and received an Associate Degree in Visual Communication at Collins College in Tempe, Arizona.To further her interest in writing and illustrating children's books, she studied Writing for Children and Teenagers from the Institute of Children's Literature.
Frances choice of medium is oil, graphite and watercolor. She is an impressionistic and representational artist whose work hangs in many private collections. She has done extensive commissioned fine art jobs and murals. One of her joys is to have Illustrated and published a book titled Daddy Loves You.
Typically, on location she starts a major work using small drawing studies and photographs. These field studies and photographs provide color accuracy and special details for the final painting.
Raised in New Mexico, she has a deep appreciation for the landscape and weather that make the Southwest exceptionally beautiful and unique.Her work conveys an emotional connection whether it is a landscape, still life, portrait or animal piece.
She believes that a good painting, is like a good photograph or a good film, that tells a story. It draws us in, evoking emotion, and moves us to feel and appreciate life more passionately.


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