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My body of work reflects my love of color and the dramatic application of texture.  The subjects of my paintings changes with my moods, the seasons, and the direction of my life.   This brings a spontaneity and creativity to my work.  I find myself captivated by objects or colors and am challenged to explore them in a series of works.  I love the color Red.  Red radiates happiness, passion, a bold energy, and even an earthiness in landscapes.   I enjoyed expressing my love of red in a large group of work – a series of poppy fields in contemporary and abstracted landscapes. The influence of Spring challenged me with paintings of bold magenta (still in the red family) and yellow.  And now in the heat of our Southern Summer - bright sunflowers, shaded moss strewn pathways, and hot farm fields. Fall brought out vivid blues and purples in my large landscapes.  The purple of Winter has been an unexpected joy - purple shadows on snow..   And trees, I love painting trees!  And barns! and well, whatever you ask me to paint.
For me, painting is like life—every new day and every blank canvas is another chance to get it right.  Enjoy!
Fonda paints in oil, acrylic, and mixed media with brush, palette knife, and the occasional finger smear.    Fonda is a native of Charlotte and graduate of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.  She and her husband Karl have four children, two grandchildren, and a standard poodle Gus.
Art with Heart
Emerging Artist Finalist 2014
Jurist Larry Elder, Elder Gallery
"High Country Color"
ArtFields 2014
Juried into Competition 
"Day 25"
(Formerly Artists Haven Gallery)
Semi-Finalist 2013 International Fine Art Painting Competition
Participated in a collective exhibition at the Artists Haven Gallery in July 2013 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.
A Fine Art Limited Edition Book published including the 45 selected artists.
"Purple Barn"
Guild of [...]

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