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There's nothing like that spark of excitement when light hits an object in such a way to reveal a thing, no matter how mundane, as an object of beauty. I am constantly searching for that moment and I paint to prolong it.


"Though I could have chosen one of many careers, I became a painter. Art is a different way of seeing, waking the senses to life as it happens. There have been times where I was, for one reason or another, unable to paint. During those times, I would drive from place to place without really seeing or caring about what was out there. I think that may be what life is like for most people: going to work and coming home, never experiencing being a part of their larger environment. Painting, whether creating or viewing it, helps to bring back some of the wonder we experienced before our world became small, concrete and categorized."
About the Artist:   Flora Pinkham began working in oils at the age of twelve after a trip to Europe where she was inspired by some of the world's greatest works of art. She continued her artistic education throughout high school and college, receiving a BA in Fine Art in 2001 from Messiah College with additional coursework at Temple University. During her college years in central Pennsylvania she grew to love the same rolling pastoral country and big, dramatic skies that inspired past American masters of the landscape. Continuing in their tradition of painting from life, she took to the outdoors to capture the Pennsylvania Dutch countryside. Now a resident of the North Carolina Piedmont, Flora Pinkham has gained an appreciation for a variety of subject matter, from quiet woodland scenes to cluttered cityscapes in addition to grand, sweeping views. She also travels throughout the East Coast and beyond seeking new sources of inspiration. Regardless of her location, she is intent on finding the subtleties of light and subject matter which make for a great painting.
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People's Choice Award, Paint [...]

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