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“ I don’t remember a time when I wasn’t creating art or exhibiting my work. My life in the West and the Southwest has been such a guiding hand in what I paint, that the experiences and the work are interchangeable in my mind. I have always approached each painting with the challenge of telling a story of each experience”
 Flavia had studied art from a very early age, culminating with a Bachelor of Fine Art from the University of Houston. She continued studying with artist Bob Wygant from the university and internationally known portrait artist, Lajos Marcos while she began to show her work in Houston galleries. Participation in a gallery show for the Mill Pond Press brought her into contact with the Cowboy Artists of America, where she began to study with several members of that organization. Howard Terpning, James Boren, Harvey Johnson and others began working with Flavia at the CA Museum in Kerrville, Texas, as she developed her own art technique.
Later, in Chicago, at the prestigious Palette and Chisel Academy and the American Academy of Fine Art, she studied with Richard Schmid and his students, further honing her skills. Traveling to Olde Lyme, Connecticut, she studied landscape and plein air painting at the  Lyme Academy of Fine Art. In 1992, a mutual friend and one of the founders of the Scottsdale Artist’s School, Wade Fairchild, introduced Flavia to artist James Reynolds. She began a friendship with Jim and then, later, she studied with him for five intense years.
            “Jim was a wonderful sounding board, and mentor who gave me
            numerous, effective critiques of my work. He gave me wonderful
            insights in all aspects of painting.”
Through the last three decades, Flavia has had the privilege of showing her work in galleries, museum shows and [...]

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