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Hello and welcome to my art page. I am a British mixed media artist, currently residing in Norfolk, Virginia, USA. Essentially, I am a self taught artist, but I continue to take classes and workshops in order to grow and develop my artistic voice.
 I take inspiration from the world around me - whether it is recording the beauty in nature or the life and vibrancy of a city scene. If the subject speaks to me, I will create some art in honour of it. My artwork uses texture and saturated color to create impact.  When creating collage, I generally paint the scene first and then add layers of paper to add depth and texture. My artwork is sometimes playful, but is always bold, fresh and packs a colourful punch. I want to bring a sense of joy and happiness to the viewers - so itís important that the artwork is uplifting and full of vibrant energy.
The buyers of my artwork have said that they love the feeling of pure joy my work gives to them.  One buyer said that she loved the way I captured Ďsoulí through my artwork.  Therefore, I hope that if my artwork is new to you, that you find find the same soulful joy in my work.

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