An example of fine art by FAYEZ ASSAF

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  • Year Born: N/A

  • Price Range: $500.00 - $5,000.00
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I was born in Egypt April 1943, the style of life on my family's banana farm where I have been brought up, has shaped my personality to respect people individuality, loving nature, and animals. My simple pencil drawings and water colour paintings of my childhood reflect my early fascination with symbols and metaphors.
Graduated 1967 at Cairo University Civil Engineering and married the same year with the girl who shared my interest in Art and construction. We lived in the Nile Delta working in a consultancy and design bureau where during I built interest about Art, Architecture, and history.
We immigrated to Melbourne Australia 1988; we loved its nature, people, democracy, freedom, and equal opportunity. In the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology "RMIT" I studied Fine Art and graduated 1995 and studied Theology at the Catholic University in Melbourne.
My past life overseas has its effect on my works and introduces itself through, but I am proud of this combination which makes me a unique Artist. The general theme of my works is a language that reflects the hidden connotations embedded in shapes, colours, lines, and texture. It communicates my soul and my existence within the world time and eternity.

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