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I guess I'm just one of those people who was born to paint.  My Daddy made my first easel when I was 10, and I've been painting in oils ever since.  Even before the age of ten I was fascinated with drawing and painting people.  While I will occasionally paint a portrait style painting of one person, or a landscape, I prefer paintings that capture people in the act of living their day-to-day lives.   The world is a living canvas.  I generally have a camera with me and may see the most ordinary occurrence and think how wonderful that would look as a painting.  I am particularly drawn to strong contrasts between light and dark and people in restaurants/cafes.  Someone asked me at an art show once if I owned a restaurant.  No, I said, why do you ask?  Then I looked around my booth and noticed all of my paintings of restaurants and bars.   
I began selling my paintings through juried Fine Art Shows and participated in them for 16 years.  One of the most wonderful things about being in an art show is that I got to meet the most wonderful, interesting people.  About nine years ago I started giving a painting away at every show.  I loved seeing the look on people's faces, and their reaction, when I would take the painting they were looking at off of the wall in my booth and give it to them.  I have so many amazing stories of those times and such beautiful memories.
I am blessed to be able to do what I love and have people identify with my work.  There is no greater compliment to me than to know someone wants to have my painting as a part of their life and to share my art experience.

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